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An Industrial-Grade EMS At An Affordable Cost

Safeguard Your Equipment
And Materials

LogiPoint goes beyond being a temperature monitoring system. It’s the ideal solution for keeping track of all your crucial spaces and equipment, including Cleanrooms, Walk-ins, Freezers, Incubators, Autoclaves, Ovens, and much more! LogiPoint is perfect for biotech, pharmacies, and industrial laboratory markets where the protection of valuable materials is critical.

More Than Just A Temperature Monitoring System

Monitoring Capabilities

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How LogiPoint Works


How LogiPoint Works number 1

System Install And Set-Up

  • A gateway system (micro-computer) is installed at the client’s facility
  • LogiPoint sensors & transmitters are installed on the equipment being monitored
  • We calibrate and validate the LogiPoint system
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Data Collection And Protection

  • The gateway system collects data from the transmitters and sends it to the cloud-based server
  • End-to-end redundant data collection fail-safes are in place to protect against power and network interruption
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Managing Information

  • Users log into the cloud-based server via a WIFI connection with a desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Data and alerts are accessible and acknowledgeable by users in real-time
  • Fully customizable parameters for each monitored item

What Makes Us Different

Key Benefits

No Hidden Cost

No installation fees or additional pieces of equipment are needed to operate LogiPoint. You will only be charged an annual subscription fee.

No VPN Needed

To access LogiPoint, a Wifi connection is all that is necessary; you won't need a VPN or static IP address. LogiPoint's convenience lies in its uncomplicated accessibility.

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Full System Install

All customers will receive a complete installation, calibration, and validation of the LogiPoint system. Additionally, IT support is included at no extra cost.

GMP & FDA Compliant

LogiPoint was designed to meet both GMP & FDA 21 Part 11 standards, giving it a high level of reliability. Moreover, all interactions within LogiPoint can be tracked as part of an audit trail.


Each system installation’s cost is determined by several different factors, such as material cost, install location, and the total number of monitoring points. To receive an accurate quote, please contact one of the representatives.

The typical timeframe to install, calibrate, and validate a LogiPoint system is 30 business days.

With LogiPoint, you are able to add unlimited users to your account, and each user’s access right’s are fully customizable from simple viewing to full administrator rights.

LogiPoint is a scalable system that can accomdate 1000+ monitoring points.

LogiPoint system updates are provided for free.

LogiPoint was built and designed with end-to-end redundant data collection fail-safes. LogiPoint also has data collection fail-safes to protect against power and wifi connection interruptions.

Yes, a LogiPoint system SOP is available at your request.

Yes, LogiPoint provides real-time alarm notifications that can be viewed and acknowledged via SMS, smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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